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HAK Lo-Fi Record collective / Denis McCarty, Anton Mobin & Ayato (France)
Lost Frequencies(24’15’’)
Lost Frequencies is a sound art composition that started with a project called Bye Bye FM. Bye Bye FM responded to a political announcement that threatened to cancel the small and free radio stations in France. The collective H.A.K. began recording AM and FM commercial French radio stations. All radio sources were collected through a common sound bank and traded by email. All of the short sequences were placed sequentially, one after the other, to assemble the 24-minute composition. The work transcends the actual moment when one media that changed the communicational paradigm of the 20th century becomes abandoned. The historical moment is trapped in the original frequencies the work is made of. Dramatic interpretation incorporating irony, hidden criticism and conceptual phrasing are opening before us the galaxy of the perhaps soon-to-be dead FM.


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