Various artists - DEAD TREES VOL II

01.Uiutna - Sereto
02.AntonMobin & Ayato
- Restless+spring
- Stoempcore
- So called
- UNwllng
06.Johnny rāsā‛
- Le travail, c'est la liberté
- Trim&trill
- Star+keys
- We are ugly but we ve got music
- Shivers
- The Holy Hell
12.Thanato Twist with Oleg's sound system
- Poppy rock
- Knowledge is the enemy of faith (feat. Black Saturn)
14.Mentol nomad
- Know Thy Shadow.

Artwork by Dawamesk

Various artists - DEAD TREES VOL I

01. Marta Zapparoli - Deep In The Black Sheep
02. Bruital orgasme - cri
03. She Will Be Beautiful- I sent Holly her black pony
04. AlexAB -Stretching Time
05. Amnum - Aseptique
06. Nevroz - Dark morning
07. Epigon A.D.M - Once you hear yourself run
08. GVK - Dead leaves falling
09. Planetaldol - Elle etait belle
10. Innercurtain - OHM Harmonic Museum
11. Flavien Gillié - Retour des Nuages
12. Montex - That indestructible transcendent vibrating sound is Shabda-Brahman

Artwork by Dawamesk








>>> N E C K T A R 2 0 1 7 - v o l u m e 4 <<<





















H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD - An Improvisation Documentary on AUDITION RECORDS

AUDITION RECORDS "the monthly e-magazine of Experimental Music", is curated by Julian Bonequi, mexican musician and activist currently living in Barcelona. The philosophy of this new proposal aims to open a new space on the netaudio community focused on improvised music and live performances around the world.

A few months ago, Julian Bonequi asks to Anton Mobin to create a retrospective document about H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD, and more precisely about the activities of the collective around "Improvisation"


Human Assistance Krew | France 2001-2011
Edited by Audition Records

This is a promotional compilation of the catalogue of H.A.K.
Curated by Anton Mobin and Julian Bonequi.
Each track in this document has the credit of the artists
We want to give special thanks to Anton Mobin for his support, H.A.K. and all the artists involved.
Picture by Der Kommissar for the birthday of the collective in 2011.
Cover design by Aniana Heras.
For more information:
This Work is under a Creative Commons License 3.0


>>> D O W N L O A D <<< 


Interview with Anton Mobin 
Collective memory by Benoît Hixe | Writing by Anton Mobin | Translation by Sarah Mönn 

Created in 2001, H.A.K. is a variable-geometry collective which combines more than 80 artists around the world. H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD is a label of independent music, as well as a group of sound researches wondering about the sound spaces, in term of urbanity or plastic installations, and on various ways to practice Sound nowadays.
In 2011, for our 10 years of activity, 220 productions mark out the route of H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD : CD-r, CD, vinyl, book, DVD.


H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record présente "La Boucle"
Edito hiver 2011-2012
Various Artists

HAK230 - netrelease
Double cd-r
Edition limitée sérigraphie
La Boucle

Les dix ans d'H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record sont bientôt révolus.
La boucle n'en n'est pas bouclée pour autant.
L'expérimentation reste là, qu'elle soit individuelle, collective, sonore ou visuelle. L'envie d'aller de l'avant, de ne pas s'arrêter sur nos acquis nous ont poussé à changer nos façons de faire, et ce troisième éditorial saisonnier en est la preuve.

Nous vous proposons cette fois ci un double album regroupant près de 13 artistes sonores et visuels, membres du collectif ou non, ayant tous en commun le fait d'avoir contribué au développement d'H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record ou bien étant proche de la recherche distillée dans nos productions.

La première partie vous permettra de découvrir 12 pistes inédites, alors que la seconde vous fera écouter leur remixes, créés de façon à ce qu'ils puissent s'écouter en boucle, indéfiniment.

Bonne écoute, découverte...

The Loop

H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record's ten years birthday is almost over
But there's still no full circle coming.
Experiments are still there, individual or collective, visual or sound. The urge to move forward, to not stay static urged to us to change our way of making, and this third seasonal editorial is the proof.

We propose you this time a double album with close to 13 sound and visual artists, members of the collective or not, having in common the fact of having contributed to the development of H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record or being close to our distilled research productions.

The first part of this album will let you discover 12 new tracks, and the second one will let you hear their remixes. This latest one have been created to be listened in a looping way, infinitely.

Enjoy !

v.a.-"Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter, Volume 1" released with HAL TAPES(USA)!!!!!!!!!

Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter, Volume 1 (December 17, 2011)
a historically significant compilation document!
Download all 81 tracks by clicking on VBR Zip on the left side of the page:

Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 81 (6:54, 6.3 MB, 128 kbps mp3)
Hal McGee, Don Cook, Jason Kavanagh, Herv, d0x10, John Gore, (o)thers, Seiei Jack, Ayato


1 Xiu Xiu Cumberland Gap (Acoustic) 01:41
2 Papertwin Sleeptalk 04:29
3 Setting Sun Happy Joy 02:49
4 Kate Sikora Satosan 02:48
Wonder Bear Reverend 03:52
Vilorena Summer Buzz 02:47
Yvan&Lendl In Ryujin's enlightment 04:55
Big Blood The Winds house 07:42
Gregory Wagenheim The Changes 04:30
10 The Townhouses Ouvéa 03:12
11 Anne Bichon Lost 04:07
12 Azam Wires 02:18
13 Hertz in Water Savants 03:36
14 Stephen Molyneux Older sister, Younger sister 01:18
15 Juliette Maï, Nicolas Nakamoto, Yann Bureller La Piscine 01:51
16 Larry Wish On one condition 03:20
17 The Loyal We Synecdoche 03:23
18 Jérémie Grandsenne 20 4 11 03:02
19 John C Judd Chocolate toast 02:21
20 Jeffy Jeff What's up now 02:37
21 Ayato & Naoki Ishida Long tale 03:18
22 Motion Sickness of Time Travel Rising 04:48
23 Alejandra & Aeron Rock me, rock me, rock me 03:49
24 Nova Scotian Arms Seen Through the Lapse of a Hollow Log 02:54
25 Ieva + Hakobune A new morning 09:39
Original painting by Yu Matsuoka-Pol

Digital only No physical release
This compilation has been made to give a small help to Japan with the small power that we haveListen & Download & Share & Give :


The Homemade Music Movement has grown from the roots of the Mail Art Movement, and in order to pay due respect and acknowledge these origins, Hal McGee proposes an International Email Audio Art Project in which contributors will send to me a one-minute miniature audio work in mp3 format (plus visual works if desired) attached to an email.
These works have been published together in volumes online.
Curated by HAL McGEE


NECKTAR 2017 volume 3
[Macro / Perception / Micro = Evolution]

JNN100 various artists – no-r-mal II

" At long last it is finaly here; the successor of no-r-mal the first edition. Almost a year later down the line, but highly improved and filled with more goodies. Started on April 25th I would never have thought that this would grow as big as it did. Many bulkloads of work went into getting this compilation album out there, but it is out there now!
71 artists, 71 tracks have turned into a 6 CD!!! compilation album making for over 7 hours of listening pleasure. Today I give this to the world so that you may enjoy the sounds of some of the worlds great netlabel artists that all work somewhere in the field of experimental music. Neatly organized into 6 different atmospheres: Warm voices, Dark places, Strange paces, Ca-dance, Art sounds and Outta here.

Take your own moment and meander through these tracks that have all been laboured with love!
All CD’s are burnable to fit on an audio CD.
You can download the singular tracks, the separate CD’s or for daredevils the full gigantic zip file.
(PS; artists links will be added at a later point) "

Mark Stolk.
01 Dennis McCarty – Plays Saba taksim
02 Juan Antonio Nieto – Icarus
03 Luis Antero – Alvoco Soundscapes One
04 jfox – daveflop
05 Paulo Chagas – Engorra
06 Philip Wilkerson – Four point two
07 Tensor Sensellation – Cryptococcus
08 Danadax – Schizoid
09 Ayato – Libra’s turning control
10 Medmud – Bal impuls
11 Altocumulus – Four days of rain



HAK lo fi Record

H.A.K._N°200, UNTRIBUTE " The revenge of the living dead"

52 copies.

CDR imprimé & vernis.
Support digipack.
Pâte à papier.
10 E frais de port non inclus
Artwork, pochette : Benoît Hixe, Cd design : Ax Delbor.merci aux ateliers Eg0prod pour la manufacture des cd. 
avec : Ema Gnuk, Arno Bassko, Kid Parrot, Ayato, TBZ, Maurice Beat, Steve Oho, Princesse Pute, Serge Antoine Egocide & the Stillborn Orchestra, Jake Ychane, Extrasystole, TSSSS vs Wacko Jacko, The Hidden Waves, Kortane Cortex, Planetaldol, Victor Jorge, Princesse Pute, Syl20, Anton Mobin, TGBTS, Rohypnoise, Denis Mc Carty, MUS, Der Brotmann, Tzii, Eliott Dragon, Ax Delbor, Jake Hole.

UNTRIBUTE " The revenge of the living dead" traite du pouvoir des médias,et de la dérive de ces derniers à travers la promotion artistique. Un projet de longue haleine (+1an) pour avoir 34 plages sonores et un artwork tridimensionnel réalisé en pâte à papier 100% Inrockuptible [le magazine 600% corruptible]. Limité à 52 exemplaires ce projet nécrosonic est une œuvre de recyclage.

artwork AMBRE



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