[Eg0_064] Ayato & Kecap Tuyul : waiting for the shaman

Waiting for the shaman is the latest collaborative album of Ayato & Kecap Tuyul, once more based on guitars sounds, but featurng also bass, flute, synth, tr606, voice, vinyl, and also  some strings sounds provided by Kecap Tilil (Kecap Tuyul’s partner in band Pura Sombar) on 2 tracks.

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[Eg0_060] Ayato and Stillborn Blues : Overlapping Horizons

After having remixed Stillborn Ghosts’ “album Over & Out” (Stillborn Dub), Ayato continued to revisit works from the eg0cide staff. This time he completed an unfinished raw mix of Stillborn Blues in a quite surprising way. ' Stillborn Blues’ arythmical, lo-fi, melancolic guitars crossed with techno-dub influences.
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[Eg0_054] Ayato & Kecap Tuyul : when we talk about love and happiness

Ayato versus Ghosts ( Treetrunk records 158_Eg0cide productions)

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Our friend Ayato presents us 2 sides of his works using radios. On Ion Trap, radio sounds are used as background soundscapes for guitar tracks that were recorded live in his homestudio (no overdubs, but using a looper),  atmospheric and melancolic melodies, with a “vintage vibe” and some more exeperimental moments with prepared guitar.
Radio Scrap comes as a more exeprimental bonus full-length CD-R, where radio sounds are harsher, more chaotic and proeminent, enhanced with TR606 and prepared tapes, dictaphones, and even balalaika and sanza on 1 track.

Insurrection (business card CD-R)
New release on business card cdr by french composer/improviser/multi-instrumentist Ayato :
Insurrection is a 6 min track of rythmic ethno-ambient, made with only Balalaika and (filtered) acoustic percussions (darbuka and  kayamb).
THis is hypnotic and totally addictive music, recommended for fans of Muslimgauze, Rapoon, Badawi…
Artwork by Hogo

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